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Parenting Tip: Building Relationship Makes Kids More Responsive

Building Relationship Makes Kids More Responsive

happy child kids have fun and play games on beach

Many parents see a problem and start giving instructions immediately. This often means that they yell across the parking lot or bark commands from the other side of the house to the other. We believe this approach isn’t the best. It’s not enough to see the need and tell someone to respond to it. That approach doesn’t demonstrate value for the relationship. Parenting isn’t just about getting tasks done; it’s about building relationships at the same time.

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Workshop Your Way

Children’s Ministry Workshops Available For Your Church

SECC Children’s Ministry is excited to present “Workshop Your Way (WYW).” WYW is a way of meeting the local church ministry needs by having workshops that are requested by the local church based on their current needs. What does it take to have a WYW in your local church?

Church Expectations

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SECC Youth Day

Meal Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm
Picnic Area Hours: 3:30pm-7pm
Park Hours: 10:30am-9pm

Ticket Price: $50
Parking Pass: $20- Pay at the park

Includes all you can eat lunch buffet
Season Pass Holders can buy a dinner ticket for $25.00

Tickets must be purchased in advanced.
Tickets can be picked up at the conference office during office hours. Office is located at 11330 Pierce Street, Riverside, CA 92505. Call 951-509-2260 or email for more information.

Sizzling Summer Kick Off

Look for the tan EZ-ups and the Worship at the Beach banner


We are at the end of the beach right before the entrance to the base, straight across from Sunset Park.


We will bring the Big Franks, Hot Dog Buns, S’mores.

You bring whatever you want to grill.


Games – Volleyball, Football, Frisbees, and many more.

Contests – Yes, this year we are going to be judging a few contests on the beach and we will have prizes. Here are the contests below.

Sand Sculpture – You will be judged on complexity, uniqueness, and overall appeal

Sand Castle – You can have as many or as little people on your team. You must bring your own tools. We will only be supplying a bucket per team.

Best Dessert on the Beach – Desserts must be put together on the beach

Bible Quiz a Rama


The Bible QUIZ-A-RAMA is a full-scaled production Bible quiz designed to stimulate the minds of the youth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  The following rules will govern this contest.

  1. Teams: Each church will be allowed to have ten (10) members on its team.  There is no minimum age limit but the maximum age of a team member is 25 years of age.  Conference employed ministers and Bible Instructors cannot be selected as team members.
  1. Subject: The quizmaster will ask questions pertaining to the subject. The questions will be taken from the New King James Version of the Bible.
  1. Questions: All questions will be multiple choice in nature and every team will have an      opportunity to answer the same questions at the same time.  Sample question:

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