Fair Craft & Hobby Displays

Tables are set up in the Assembly Room (registration area) for personal displays. We request that you keep these displays to Pathfinder AY honors and share your collections in a neat and creative way. Each person is to fill out the information card and place with their display telling the club name, collector’s name, age (if you are over 21 list adult as your age) and the title of the display. Please remember to fill out and keep your part of the claim ticket so you can pick up your display without hassle. Items will not be released until after 3:00 pm.

The displays will be guarded. You are asked to bring your displays to the Assembly Room (registration area) either on Sabbath evening between 8:00-9:30pm or Sunday morning between 7:00-8:30am so that judging can be done and ribbons placed before the parade.

A. PATHFINDER tables will be available for your personal hobby or craft display. If you have completed several projects from one AY Honor or craft, it will be classified as one entry.

B. TEEN LEADERS may place their collections on either the staff or Pathfinder tables.

C. STAFF tables will be available to display your collection. Your interest will encourage the involvement of your Pathfinders.

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