Fair Missions, Outreach & Community Impact Project


This project is to portray in picture and descriptive form the activities your Pathfinders were involved in this past year.

JUDGES BREAKDOWN OF POINTS (This information is included so you can know what the judges will be looking for.)

Mission, Outreach & Community Impact may be presented in one of the following formats: scrapbook, CD, video or slides. Appropriate hardware must be brought for viewing, if scrapbook is not used. Audio/visual presentation must not exceed 12 minutes.

5 Points: Identification
Pictures of everyone in the club with first and last names, club name and year. Must be at the beginning of scrapbook or presentation.

Instead of labeling every single picture with names, an introduction with the Pathfinder club with a list of all the names on the first couple of pages in the beginning of the scrapbook or presentation will negate labeling every picture with names.

5 Points: Creativity & Neatness

40 Points: 8 Months of Missions, Outreach & Community Impact
5 points for each month with each month identified.
Give title, date and where activity took place with a brief explanation.
Have at least one testimonial from a Pathfinder of what their experience was and what he/she got out of it.

50 Total Points Possible

All Missions, Outreach & Community Impact events must be completed with a definite break before adding any conference or club events. No points are given for this section.

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