Fair Parade

The Pathfinder Parade is the beginning of the Fair activities, starting at 9:00 am.

Come prepared to have a float in the parade and help to make this year’s parade the best and most colorful ever. The floats will be judged during line up so that your float can display its ribbon during the parade. Floats should be a Pathfinder project, with club members designing, building and decorating. Judging begins at 8:30am at line-up site. Floats will receive either a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place ribbon. Points are not added to yearly points.

JUDGES BREAKDOWN OF POINTS (This information is included so you can know what the judges will be looking for.)

  • 10 points Club name clearly displayed, neat
  • 10 points Attractive, eye catching, neat
  • 10 points Pathfinder participation in construction/decorating/designing
  • 10 points Theme depicts Pathfinder theme, understood
  • 10 points Construction completed by 8:30 am, sturdy and safe

B. Marchers
Each Pathfinder and staff member is required to be in full dress uniform, Class A, as part of the parade. Each club must be lined up and ready to march by 8:30 am.

C. Marching In the Parade
Attention to the following detail will help make your club look great!

  1. Keep a distance of about 50 feet between your club and the club in front of you.
  2. All lines and files straight, uniforms complete and looking sharp, eyes straight ahead.
  3. All Pathfinders and staff in step.
  4. Sharp column movements at corners.
  5. Correct reviewing stand procedure, EYES RIGHT, as described on page 23 of the Pathfinder Drill Manual.

EXAMPLE – This movement is used at parades when the Pathfinder club is marching past the reviewing stand. It is executed when the director, without turning their body, commands EYE, RIGHT. The command is given when the Director is six steps from the front the reviewing stand.

When the command RIGHT is given, each Pathfinder, except the right flank, turns head and eyes to the right at an angle of 45-degrees until the command FRONT is given. At the command EYES, RIGHT, the director turns his head and eyes right and renders PRESENT ARMS. The guidon bearers execute PRESENT ARMS. At the command EYES, RIGHT, the Pathfinder Flag is dipped to a 45-degree angle. NEVER dip the National Flag.

Six steps after the club has cleared the reviewing stand, the command READY, FRONT, is given and head and eyes face front.

D. Parade line up
Clubs will line up within their county according to the order given on the line up sheet. This information will be posted at the registration table on the day of the Fair.

The order within each club will be:

  1. Club banner
  2. Flag Bearers
  3. Director and Pastor
  4. Drill Instructor to the right of guidon bearers
  5. Pathfinders-small clubs may march in columns of two or three abreast rather than four as shown
  6. Staff follow Pathfinders
  7. Float and other entries bring up the rear


B     F     D     x o o o o o o s s
B     F             x o o o o o o s s      Float
B     F             x o o o o o o s s
B     F     P      x o o o o o o s s
B= flag      F=Flag bearers      D=Director      P=Pastor
x=Guidon Bearers      o=Pathfinders      s=Staff      +=drill Instructors

Director’s Inspection
At 8:45 am each director should inspect their club, on the parade assembly area, to be sure that all is ready for the parade to begin.

  1. Are slides secure and scarves straightened?
  2. Are Pathfinder sashes under the epaulet and buttoned? (or use safety pin)
  3. Are flag bearers in proper position?
  4. Do the club banner carriers know where to carry the banner so it will not drag? Do they know how to judge a distance of 50 feet and how to mark time when they get too close to the next float?
  5. Do your Pathfinders know how to execute eyes, right?
  6. Do flag bearers know how to execute eyes, right?
  7. Is your float ready?
  8. At the end of parade, Pathfinders are to go to assembly area, The US and Pathfinder Flag bearers are to take their flags behind their County Banner. (Staff to take Club Banner and other flags to booth)

E. Other Entries
Each club is encouraged to enter other parade entries such as:

  1. Bicycles
  2. Bands, drum, and bugle corps
  3. Flags

First, second, and third place ribbons will be awarded.

F. Pathfinder Teens
Pathfinder teen leaders/counselors should go to the end of the parade after marching with their club to march with the Teen Coordinators.

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