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Your Pathfinder Fair committee strives to make the Fair interesting for Pathfinders as well as visitors. Special events may vary year to year, but Drill Downs and Drill Teams remain popular. A team has done research on the Pathfinder Drill as we have noticed a slight breakdown in the consistency of the Pathfinder Drill in our conference. Therefore, a document, Pathfinder Club Drill: Clarifications, was developed to help clarify and is included in this section.

A. Drill Down
1st Session – Open to all Pathfinders 10-15 years old
2nd Session – Open to teens 16-18 years old
3rd Session – Open to adult leaders 19+ years old

All commands to be executed promptly and correctly in accordance with the Pathfinder Drill Manual.

  1. Participants must be present in Class A (dress) uniform, at the assigned place, at the appropriate session and ready to fall in at the time the drill down is scheduled to begin.
  2. The event will last about 8 – 10 minutes and a first, second, and third place plaque will be awarded to the three last survivors.
  3. Only the following commands will be given:
  • In cadence, . . .
  • About, Face
  • Without cadence, . . .
  • Present, Arms
  • By the numbers, . . . .
  • Ready, Front
  • Without the numbers, . . .
  • One (or any number) step forward
  • Forward, March
  • One (or any number) step backward
  • As you were
  • Count cadence, Count
  • Right flank, March
  • Pathfinders, Halt
  • Left flank, March
  • Mark time, March
  • Fall in
  • Cover
  • Fall out
  • Recover
  • Attention
  • Change step, March
  • Prayer attention
  • Rear, March
  • Parade, Rest
  • Count, Off
  • Stand at, Ease
  • Close interval, March
  • At ease
  • Dress right, Dress
  • Right, Face
  • At close interval, Dress right, Dress
  • Left, Face

B. Drill Teams
New for this year, clubs can participate by having a basic drill team, fancy drill team or both. Basic drill teams will be awarded a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophy while fancy drill teams will only earn a demonstration trophy.

Any club may enter their drill team(s). Be sure to pre-register your team for this event at the same time you register your club. Drill teams must also register onsite by 8:30am Sunday to determine order of drilling:

  • First team to register will drill first
  • Second team to register will drill second, etc.

Requirements are:

  1. Must have at least 6 members in the team. (Exception – club with less then 10 members, 50% of the club must participate.)
  2. Must be in dress, Class A, appropriate uniform. (Exception – new club that has not been in operation in the last 2 years.) May mix Pathfinders with teen leaders.
  3. Demonstration to be no longer then 3 minutes.

Fancy Drill Team
Each club has the opportunity to participate. Fancy drill includes any special, intricate maneuvers along with basic commands. Only one trophy will be awarded per club participation, not per team.

Basic Drill Team
Each club has the opportunity to participate. Basic drill teams will be awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place trophy based on points earned as outlined.

Judging breakdown:
Points & Description
4 Points = You will have three(3) minutes to demonstrate your drill team’s abilities. Time will begin when ‘fall in’ is called. ‘Fall out’ will finish the timing.

Minutes/Seconds Points
Under – 1:50 = 0
2:00 – 2:14 = 1
2:15 – 2:29 = 2
2:30 – 2:44 = 3
2:45 – 3:15 = 4
3:16 – 3:30 = 3
3:31 – 3:45 = 2
3:46 – 4:00 = 1
4:00 – Over = 0

6 Points = Each Pathfinder must be in Class A (dress) uniform, scarves included, sashes optional. Exception is only for new clubs as described in the requirements above.  Uniforms must be neat with all insignias. Special drill
team extras (braids, berets, gloves, spats, etc.) will be allowed. Keep in mind uniformity. Exception is Pathfinder and TC uniforms may be worn by Pathfinders
and teen counselors in the same drill team.

Proper positioning of drill team members should occur while in the designated holding area. Drill team should report to this area while prior team is demonstrating.  If the team is first to demonstrate, they should report
five(5) minutes before they begin.

15 Points =  Your drill team must execute the following basic commands as described in the Pathfinder Drill Manual:

Attention, At Ease, Parade Rest, Present Arms, Order Arms, Right Face, Left Face, Forward March, Column Right, Column Left, To the Rear March, Left Flank, Right Flank, Ready Front, As You Were, Prayer Attention, Stand at Ease, Count Cadence Count, Pathfinders Halt, Mark Time March, Cover, Recover, Change Step March, Close Interval March, Dress Right Dress, At Close Interval Dress Right Dress, One (or any number) Step Forward, Fall In and Fall Out

Points will be deducted for each basic movement not properly executed or not executed at all. No intricate or special maneuvers allowed.

Placements by Points:
22-25 = First Place
17-21 = Second Place
9-16 = Third Place

C. Teen Counselor Event
There will be a table in the Teen Leadership Booth entitled “ART FROM FOUND THINGS” for projects that have been made by the teen leaders. These items are made from items such as pine cones, old nails, seeds, Popsicle sticks, etc. Place name, age and Pathfinder club on card.

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