Pathfinder Investiture

The Pathfinder Investiture Service is the annual service where Friend through Master Guide pins are presented. At most Investitures, the AY Honors from the last quarter are also presented plus other awards such as Reading Course Certificates, Good Conduct Ribbons, and Pathfinder of the Year Awards. Most clubs present honor patches as they are completed throughout the year (first quarter honors in are December). Continue reading

Pathfinder Induction

A Pathfinder membership Induction Ceremony is a special, dignified, simple ceremony designed to officially admit new Pathfinders into membership in your local club. Carefully presented, this occasion will inspire Pathfinders with the high ideals of the Pathfinder Organization. Induction is conducted usually three to four weeks following the registration of new members. Continue reading

Adventurer Uniform Purchasing Guidelines

Class-C (field)
1. Shirts

  • Adventurer T-shirt for Adventurers and staff: purchase through the Youth Ministries department.
  • Burgundy polo shirt with Adventurer logo for staff: purchase through the Youth Ministries department.
  • White polo shirt with the Adventurer logo for staff: purchase through AdventSource.

Continue reading

Submitting a New Adventurer Award

1. To submit a proposal for a new North American Division (NAD) Adventurer award, send the following materials to your conference Adventurer Director:

a. Name of the award
b. Sample design of the award patch
c. Statement as to the purpose or need for the award (what benefit should the Adventurers receive physically, mentally and/or spiritually?)
d. Award requirements
e. Answers (or description) for the requirements
f. For what grade is this award intended?
g. List of resource materials Continue reading