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Ideas and Suggestions for Missions, Outreach & Community Impact

The essence of Christianity rests in the serving and caring. As Pathfinder leaders, we have a solemn obligation to teach our boys and girls the thrill of serving others. The heart of the Pathfinder program should be centered on caring for others; all other aspects of our program should complement the theme of caring. Continue reading

Missions, Outreach & Community Impact

Making an impact by humbly going out into the world to spread God’s love through an event or activity that is set apart for this distinct task.

Missions is making an impact by intentionally stepping beyond where you live to initiate God’s Kingdom where it would not otherwise occur. It is the church going where it isn’t and spreading its faith. It is what the church does by initiating beyond its walls.


  • Mission trips
  • Community Health Fairs
  • Church services at a shelter
  • Church services at non-Adventist nursing home
  • Puppet ministry presentations in a public area
  • Health correspondence courses
  • Holding church in a park with the intent of inviting the public
  • Weekend projects across the border

Outreach is making an impact where you live by spreading God’s love and helping the church grow where it currently already exists. It is what the church does by existing within its walls.


  • Vacation Bible School
  • Helping in Local Evangelistic Series
  • Bible studies
  • Passing out literature or GLOW (Giving Light to Our World) tracts
  • Visiting and praying with the elderly or sick
  • Assist the Church’s Mission Outreach Ministry Department
  • Send cards or food to those who are sick
  • Assist church families in need
  • Walk around the neighborhood and pray with people

Community Impact
Voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area with the intent to have a positive effect on the community.


  • Neighborhood clean ups (clean yards, pick up trash from streets and side walks)
  • Adopt a wall and keep it free of graffiti
  • Help the homeless (feeding, care packages, etc.)
  • Volunteer in shelters
  • Volunteer in Food Banks
  • Food Drives/Canned food Collection
  • Bread give-away projects
  • Clean-up programs in parks or roadsides, etc.
  • Free Tutoring for neighborhood kids/nearby schools
  • Participate in a walks to raise money for medical research or cause
  • Collect supplies and deliver them to a local agency
  • Adopt a grandparent at a local nursing home
  • Taking part in local Parades
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Collecting items and delivering them to local foster children

These are just a few examples of possible projects that can be done. You can be creative and plan your own, but as you do, think about how your project meets the goal of Missions, Outreach and Community Impact. Ask yourself: “Will this initiate God’s Kingdom where it otherwise would not occur?” “Will this help our Church grow where it currently already exists?” “Will this help people and have a positive effect on the community?” If you can answer yes to one of these questions, then push forward and make an impact.

Please keep in mind that we are trying to teach our Pathfinders that they are not too young to answer God’s call to spread His word and show His love. We are showing them that they can too impact the world around them and beyond. With this is mind, strive to maintain a balance by doing a variety of activities from the three categories and try to resist the urge to only stay “within your church walls”.


  1. Induction, Pathfinder Day and Investiture service cannot be used to meet this requirement. These are special days that have their very own requirements and are part of your regular Pathfinder Year.
  2. Church cleaning days are best considered a ‘club event’ and not ‘outreach’.
    Fundraisers and dinners do not qualify unless the money is going to be donated to a local cause or medical research foundation.
  3. Monthly participation in Sabbath School programs, Worship services, collecting offering, being an usher, etc. are all part of what a Pathfinder should be doing as an active member of their church, but it does not meet the requirement of Missions,Outreach & Community Impact unless it is done during an Evangelistic Crusade.

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